Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

Spezial Preis

Hallo da draußen,
ich möchte euch heute die Info in großen Teilen im Original geben ;o).

Am 12. September startet die Challenge und dazu eben noch folgende Information.

"We will be making Christmas cards for soldiers to sign and send home to their loved ones. They don't have cards out there in the field so it will be great to get them cards to send home!
Get people excited!
Special prize for a challenger who makes a post and ads to their side bar! We will hop around and pick.
We will be having a 1st, 2nd and Top 6!!!!!

We will have Whimsy stamps and Whiff of Joy sponsoring.
We will be posting an address on the blog for everyone to send their cards to CJ so CJ can send them to the right person to distribute!"

Also haltet euch bereit und macht mit, bei den tollen Gewinnen!!!!
Viele Grüße

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