Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Paper Piecing tutorial

Hallo ihr Lieben,

wie gestern versprochen kommt heute meine "Auflösung" zum Sketch + meinem Paper Piecing Tutorial für den Stämpelkällan Blog.

Heute auch wieder in Englisch, aber ich denke gut verständlich ;o}.

Paper Piecing isn’t hard, but it will add a great touch to any of your stamping projects. Many of the Stämpelkällan images are perfect for this fun technique.
For paper piecing you want to use an image that has good open space that you can “piece” the paper into. I love this Stämpelkällan girl because her clothing is perfect for this technique ;o).

You’ll need:

- Stamps (I used this Girl from Stämpelkällan)
- White Cardstock or other heavy Paper (Aquarellpaper)
- Patterned Cardstock or Digitalpaper
- Marker/ Pencils/ Auqarell/ Twinkling H2O/ or every other coloring medium
- Small scissors
- Waterproof Ink (Staz on or other)
- Additional cardstock & supplies for finishing your card
- A Glue Pen or Stick

Step 1:
Stamp the image on a white cardstock.

Step 2:
Stamp the image again on different patterned paper. In order to „conserve“ my patterned paper I only ink up and stamp the area I will need to cut out *lol*.

Step 3:
Cut out the pieces that you are going to use and set them aside.

Step 4:
Color the parts of the image that will not be covered with paper. It’s best to do this step before doing the paper piecing so that there is less chance of accidentally marking on the patterned paper.

Step 5:
Glue the paper pieces on to your image. See here the 4 different examples I made.
I used my Tombows to add a little more color to the little flowers and the framing of the Kimono from the girl.

Finally…make your card or here is it a big tag (with the sketch from yesterday ;o}).

Well done, let us see your Paper Piecing Art!!
Hugs Tiggerchen

Wer mag hüpft mal rüber zum Stämpelkällan Blog

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Monica =) hat gesagt…

I like your tag a lot!!!
A nice tutorial as well! I also like paper-piecing but don't use it often enough =)
Hugs, Monica